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Polybags Ltd. is an UK manufacturer and supplier of garment bags. Having been on the market for over 45 years Polybags is a high quality plastic bag supplier.

What are garment bags

Garment bags are the most economical way to protect your garment during storage or transit. Usually produced using ultra thin polythene with hanger hole and shaped shoulder. It is highly popular among dry cleaners/laundry companies. Laundry bags and Duvet bags are also used for the same purpose.

How are garment bags made

The most common way to produce 'garment covers' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process' using super strong Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Usually with preslit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. They are perforated bags on a roll or individually packed in a box. These bags are designed for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry to cover slacks, suits, dresses and other clothing.

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Garment Poly Bags

Garment poly bags have a variety of uses in many industries. The typical consumer is familiar with poly garment bags from the dry cleaners. In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every shirt, blouse, coat, etc. is transported in a poly garment bag. Protect your garments during shipment with these clear polyethylene bags. Material Concepts is a leading supplier of poly garment bags in various sizes.

Advantages of Garment Covers

  • Water resistant
  • Thinner and Lighter saves material and money
  • Good Clarity
  • Good strength
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Inexpensive

PA recycling rate record for Eco-PSE

15.36 10/6/2008

Eco-PSE, federation of the expanded polystyrene sector, just broke an historical record: 10,600 metric tons of expanded polystyrene out of 42,000 were recycled, that is to say a rate of 25.2 %.

Coca-Cola Icecek buys stake in Turkmen bottler

15.43 9/6/2008

Coca-Cola Icecek, the bottler of Coca-Cola beverages in Turkey, agreed to pay $2 billion for a 12.5 percent stake in Turkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers Inc. Coca-Cola Icecek will buy the stake from Day Investments Ltd

Fully automated pack grouping system

14.43 10/6/2008

Dependable grouping � fast palletising: the new Krones Robobox pack grouping system (2 modules) uses grippers to provide positive guidance of the packs during the entire turning and distribution opera.